8 August, 2020 - Saturday

24.06.2014 Sermon

حٰم وَالْكِتَابِ الْمُب۪ينِ ٓ*ۜ
ف۪يهَا يُفْرَقُ كُـلُّ اَمْرٍ حَـك۪يمٍۜ اِنَّٓا اَنْزَلْنَاهُ ف۪ي لَيْلَةٍ مُبَارَكَةٍ اِنَّا كُنَّا مُنْذِر۪ين*َ

Dear Muslims,
We are getting closer and closer to the month of Ramadan. On of the signs that we are close to Ramadan is the night of Baraa’ah. The night of the 15th Shaban is called the night of Baraa’ah which means to be purified from sins in other words it is a night of salvation. This night is a cause for Allah’s forgiveness, mercy and help. insAllah the night of Baraa’ah will be on Thursday night 12th of July we will celebrate the night of Baraa’ah.

Dear Mumins,
Our Prophet (s.a.v.) said about this night that ‘Verily! Almighty Allah directs His Special Grace on the world on this night. He forgives my Ummah more than the number of wool that is found on the sheep of the Bani Kalb.

This is the special night of seeking forgiveness and repenting to Allah. we should not forget that when we repent sincerely, Allah will accept our repentance. Allah says in the Quran about that: ‘O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah. For Allah forgives all sins: surely He is the Forgiving the Merciful’ (Zumar, 53)

I would like to finish my khutbah with a hadith: Prophet (s.a.v) said: “Worship in the fifteenth of Sha’ban (which is the night of Baraa’ah) and fast the day. Because Allah descends to the lowest heaven from sun set till dawn and He says: Will anyone seeks forgiveness that he may be forgiven? Will anyone wants rizq that it may be given? Will anyone demands shifa (cure) that he may recover? Will anyone who ask, that his request may be granted?”